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We are tremendously proud to present to you the biggest innovation in Weber gas barbecues in 37 years: the new, improved and inspiring Genesis series. Designed to fit any lifestyle, to bring people together no matter where we’re talking about. Welcoming new consumers to this form of cooking and offering even more outstanding experiences.

Here’s to the moments we spend together, with our friends, with our family. Here’s to sharing with all our neighbours – that’s exactly the spirit of the Genesis series! When the first Genesis series saw the light of day in 1985, it completely redefined the market, changing the world of gas barbecues forever. Now it’s time to do it again. Based on research and analysis among barbecue enthusiasts, we are preparing to go one step further with Weber Genesis barbecues, it’s a revolution!

High-performance barbecue cooking:

The high-performance barbecue cooking system sets the standard in the world of gas barbecues and puts Weber in a class of its own. This powerful barbecue cooking system is inspired by over 65 years of barbecue experience, culinary expertise and, above all, the wishes and needs of those who matter most to us, our community of barbecue lovers. All components have been carefully designed for ease of use and an unrivalled level of satisfaction in the outdoor barbecue experience.

Equipped with the new powerful Infinity ignition system:

Weber has spent years of development and engineering to find the perfect ignition system for the new Genesis series. The Infinity ignition system ensures that the barbecue is always lit. You can be sure that it will always work the first time, without exception. How? Well, each burner now has a newly designed ignition to ensure it works every time and we’re so pleased with it that we’ve given the system a 10 year limited warranty.

Weber Crafted Gourmet BBQ System cooking grids and frame:

With the included cooking grids and frame, your barbecue is compatible with the Gourmet BBQ System. Additional Weber Crafted BBQ accessories are available separately.

Exclusive burner design:

The unique conical shape of the Genesis barbecue’s burners ensures an even flow of gas from the front and rear, thus distributing the heat evenly. The food is always grilled evenly, regardless of its position on the cooking grate.

There is only one original: Weber’s legendary Flavorizer bars:

Weber’s classic Flavorizer bars are oriented at the perfect angle to catch the juices, which smoke and crackle to bring out that irresistible, familiar and desired barbecue flavour. The drippings that are not vaporised by the Flavorizer bars follow the slope of their unique angle and are channelled away from the burners to the grease collection system.

Easy cleaning. Sophisticated grease collection system:

The grease collection system helps to remove juices effortlessly, while reducing the risk of flare-ups. drippings that are not vaporised by the effect of the flavorizer bars are channelled away from the burners to an easily accessible drip tray located under the cooking compartment. Simply empty the tray after each use or throw away the disposable drip tray.

Sear Zone Technology:

Sear Zone technology is designed to create a zone of intense heat intended to imprint grill marks on meat quickly.

Ergonomic lid:

Now, opening and closing is even more eatable and ergonomic thanks to the new lid.

Side burner:

Use the side burner to simmer your special barbecue sauce or potatoes while the main dish is cooking under the barbecue lid.

Expandable top warming grate:

Use it as a stand to keep food warm or unfold it when you need a secondary cooking surface. To unfold, lift the front half of the rack slightly and rotate it outward. To store, fold and lift the entire rack out of the cooking compartment. Hang it vertically from the rear edge of the cooking compartment. Use heat-resistant mitts or gloves to adjust the rack.

Folding table for preparing and serving:

Use the side tables to keep your trays, condiments and utensils within easy reach at all times. Hang your must-have tools from the hooks for easy access and to keep your outdoor cooking space organised. The right side table folds down to fit into smaller spaces.

Under-barbecue cabinet:

The under-barbecue cupboard offers additional storage space for all your accessories and basic cooking utensils, plus it is now also possible to store the gas bottle no matter what size it is.

Weber Crafted locker:

The practical side storage space allows you to conveniently store all your Weber Crafted barbecue accessories.

Integrated utensil hooks:

Hang your spatulas, tongs, grill brushes and other barbecue utensils on the barbecue’s integrated utensil hooks. Use the double-sided hooks on the side of the cabinet to conveniently store cooking grids on the outside of the barbecue. Additional hooks inside the cabinet allow you to store the Weber Crafted separator grid, which can be used with Weber Crafted Gourmet BBQ System barbecue accessories.

Barbecue cabinet:

The barbecue cabinet offers additional storage space for your basic cooking utensils. Everything you need, right at your fingertips, at the right time.

With the Weber Genesis E-335 Black, imagine a fully equipped kitchen in the comfort of your patio, terrace or garden. All in all, it’s equipped with the power and features you need to prepare never-before-seen dishes, and is backed by a limited 10-year warranty.

Key Features:

– 3 Stainless Steel 15.2 kW high performance burners.

– Sear Zone Technology.

– 1 Side burner.

– New powerful Infinity ignition system.

– Weber Crafted Gourmet BBQ System cooking grids and frame for infinite cooking modes.

– Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars to give dishes an irresistible aroma.

– Grease management system.

– Enamelled lid with integrated thermometer in the lid for optimal temperature control.

– Cooking surface: 68 x 48 cm.

– Foldable warming grill to keep food warm and free up space on the cooking grill: 65 cm x 27 cm.

– Black enamelled steel structure with closed cabinet (front and rear) and space for gas cylinder.

– Right folding side shelf with tool hooks.

– Integrated tool hooks.

– Easy access to gas cylinder.

– 4 swivel and lockable castors for easy handling.

– 156 cm Length / 122 cm Height / 69 cm Width

– Weight: 78 kg

– Includes regulator, tube and clamps for the gas cylinder.

– Works with butane and propane gas.

– Made in the USA.

– Limited 10 year warranty.

Additional information

Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 156 × 69 × 122 cm


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