Kamado Joe® SlōRoller® w/Rack

189,00  (incl. VAT)



Crafted from unrivaled innovation, the SlōRoller transforms a Kamado Joe into one of the world’s most optimal smokers. By distributing smoke in rolling, recirculating waves, the SlōRoller surrounds food in clouds of decadent smoke while evenly distributing heat, resulting in enhanced flavor and reduced hot spots. Discover endless versatility for your Kamado Joe charcoal grilling experience.


Full of Features

  • Includes SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber and new rack for use in Series I & II grills (cooking grates not included)
  • Easily insert by removing Divide & Conquer® Rack and replace with SlōRoller and current cooking grates
  • Engineered to slow cook at temperature ranges of 65-150˚C
  • Classic Joe® SlōRoller compatible with Kamado Joe Classic Joe series, Kamado Joe Konnected Joe, Large Big Green Egg, and other round 18-inch charcoal grills
  • Big Joe® SlōRoller compatible with Kamado Joe Big Joe series, XL Big Green Egg, and other round 24-inch charcoal grills


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