Broil King Vertical Smoker Charcoal

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The Broil King Vertical Smoker is the ideal choice for when it comes to having a supplementary smoker to your primary source of grilling. It excels with its double-walled construction and Roto-Draft™ damper technology, allowing you to stay at one steady temperature for your extra long periods of smoking.

With this guy, you could probably even start your own cooking show. You could call it… Smokey… something. On second thought, don’t start your own cooking show. Just whip up some delicious smokey meals for yourself and call it a day, right?



  • Load the charcoal tray and get smoking (also available in propane model)
  • 770 square inches of total cooking surface from 4 adjustable stainless steel cooking grids
  • Features a multi-purpose rib and roast rack and 16 stainless steel meat hooks to get you started
  • Roto-Draft™ damper technology to put you in control of your smoking temperatures
  • Double-walled construction to hold in all that heat
  • Separate access door for the water bowl and smoker tray
  • Lockable doors to keep the children (or hungry neighbours) out of your smoker
  • Thermometer on the door for even more control and accuracy
  • Heavy-duty cover available to keep it protected from the elements (sold separately)


  • 56 cm Length / 123 cm Height / 46 cm Width


  • Weight: 33 kg

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Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 56 × 46 × 123 cm


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